solidarity across unions

Sunday, January 30, 2005 - With GESO, a little history is instructive "It's telling that those who argue that GESO is insulting to other Yale workers are hardly ever Yale workers themselves. Anyone wondering why this is should talk to the Yale workers who gathered last night to commemorate a momentous victory over common adversity won by two trade unions composed of people with different jobs from different demographics. Now, as then, access to decent family health care, opportunities for training and a voice on the job are critical for the people who clean our buildings and for the people who teach in them. And ensuring working conditions that make it possible for all Yale employees to better do their jobs and support their families is crucial for all of us who depend on their work and share this community."
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The Coalition of Graduate Employee Unions is a loose-knit coalition of labor unions in the USA and Canada that represents graduate students employed as teachers, researchers, and administrative staff.