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Monday, February 28, 2005

Yale: The local message behind Thursday's sit-in "Every one of us -- both the 15 students who sat in, and the hundreds of students, professors and union members who spent almost nine hours rallying, singing and risking frostbite outside -- had a different reason for spending the day at 38 Hillhouse Ave. to call for financial aid reform. Some of us were there because of personal experience with Yale's financial aid system. Others were deeply offended by President Levin's dismissive responses to questions at last Tuesday night's open forum, and his demand that students choose between a reduction in their parents' contributions or their own. After a campaign that began early last fall, many students had waited long enough for a response from the administration, particularly with the University's budget due to be finalized soon."
USC: Students in fight for workers "A group of USC students gathered Thursday afternoon at the School of Social Work to show support for hotel workers and demand hotels negotiate fairly with their employees, who have been working without a contract for more than six months....Since September, undergraduate students have been involved with UNITE HERE in the hotel workers' campaign. But the Social Action Caucus brings graduate students into the fight for hotel workers' rights."
SUNY: More pay awaits SUNY teaching assistants: "The union representing graduate student teaching assistants at SUNY New Paltz says a provision in a proposed contract will give its members pay parity with counterparts at the system's university centers. The proposed new contract does not include a pay parity clause, but it establishes a fund of $700,000 to be spent over four years to boost salaries for graduate student teaching assistants at the colleges. According to Local 1104 chief negotiator and Executive Vice President Kathleen Sims, money from the fund is expected to boost average salaries for the grad students to an average of $7,000 per year, which is in line with union demands."
Michigan:MSA finds Coke guilty "The Michigan Student Assembly voted yesterday to support the actions of the Coke-Campaign Coalition, an anti-Coke group, and also to accept the allegations brought against the soft-drink giant regarding human rights violations." See also Lots of Action in the Campaign to Stop Killer Coke for more news!
Workday Minnesota: Graduate employees at 3 campuses file for union election "In what would be the largest union organizing victory in Minnesota in decades, graduate employees at the University of Minnesota filed for a union representation election on Feb. 11. The union would represent 4,300 graduate employees at the university's Minneapolis, St. Paul and Duluth campuses. The union, UE Local 1105, calls itself GradTRAC, for Graduate Teaching and Research Assistant Coalition."
Colleges: An Endangered Species? "The leading liberal arts colleges will doubtless survive, but they belong to an endangered species. Michael S. McPherson, president of the Spencer Foundation and former president of Macalester College, and Morton O. Schapiro, president of Williams, report that even now 'the nation's liberal arts college students would almost certainly fit easily inside a Big Ten football stadium: fewer than 100,000 students out of more than 14 million.' In today's educational landscape, barely one sixth of all college students fit the traditional profile of full-time residential students between the ages of eighteen and twenty-two. One third of American undergraduates now work full-time, and more than half attend college part-time, typically majoring in subjects with immediate utility, such as accounting or computing. These students, and their anticipated successors, are targets of the so-called electronic universities that seek a share of the education market by selling Internet courses for profit. A few years ago, the president of Teacher's College at Columbia University predicted that some wily entrepreneur would soon 'hire well-known faculty at our most prestigious campuses and offer an all-star degree over the a lower cost than we can.'"

Friday, February 25, 2005

Virginia: Council passes two course evaluation bills "Davis said the problem with the current process is that it has the potential to hurt TAs. According to Davis, TAs can receive poor reviews because some students are not aware of what is under their control. 'The problem is the questions on the course evaluations don't apply to the work that TAs do,' Davis said. 'TAs don't often have any control over the syllabus, the work load, the reading list.' Davis said the bill is geared toward continual improvement of the online course evaluations for TAs. 'Often, a TA receives bad reviews for a professor's course,' Davis said. 'It is all about responsibility.'"
Workers, students rally for wages "'We decided to do this to draw attention to the UC's unwillingness to come to a fair agreement on wage increases, parking rates, the protection of benefits including pensions, and workplace justice,' said Hueteotl Lopez, a CUE organizer field representative.'"

Thursday, February 24, 2005

42 Further Education Colleges Strike Over Pay Dispute "A national strike across colleges in England is taking place today. Lecturers at 42 colleges are taking industrial action as a last-ditch measure in trying to bring the unfairness of their situation to the forefront. They are demanding that action finally be taken regarding their already agreed but not fully implemented pay deal."
YEMEN: University teachers strike for higher pay "According to Dr Abdulrahman Ghanem, head of the supreme council of university teaching unions, the strike decision was taken after the 'government closed all the doors of dialogue and understanding'. Ghanem accused the authorities of failing to keep a promise made last year to raise the salaries of its 5,250 teaching staff."
Yale students crash admissions office, demand financial aid changes "About a dozen Yale students refused to leave the university's admissions office while nearly 100 others rallied outside Thursday in an effort to get the school to improve its financial aid policy."
McMaster TAs win contract improvements - strike averted "McMaster University teaching assistants (TAs), represented by the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), reached a tentative agreement with the university late last night. Details of the settlement will not be available until after a ratification vote scheduled for early next week."
State, SUNY union reach tentative deal New York State and the Graduate Student Employees Union, which represents 4,500 teaching and graduate assistants at State University of New York campuses, including 988 at Stony Brook University, have reached a tentative agreement on a new contract that would give the assistants an 8.25 percent raise over four years." The contract also calls for a fund of $2.4 million to support recruitment and retention of doctoral students in high demand areas; a fund of $700,000 to support recruitment and retention at four-year colleges; a $2.07-million fund to mitigate the cost of fees charged to graduate and teaching assistants; a $550,000 fund for cost of living supplements in eight downstate counties; and a $600,000 professional development fund to support excellence in teaching and research"

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The Michigan: Lecturers' Union Stages Picket "Chants of “This is what democracy looks like, that is what hypocrisy looks like,” echoed with gusto all over campus yesterday as members of the Lecturers’ Employee Organization staged an informational picket to protest what they allege to be the University’s lack of coordinated effort to implement provisions of last June’s labor contract."

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Full-time faculty cuts reverberate at UMass "The president of the professors' union on campus, Clawson delivered copies of a new, 50-page report on the shrinking faculty to the Board of Trustees last Wednesday, and challenged board members to commit to rebuilding the faculty. 'With you or without you, the faculty is going to keep pushing,' he said. Professors made the same pitch at a State House press conference later that day."
Workday Minnesota: Graduate student unions to meet in Minneapolis Feb. 25 "University of Minnesota graduate students involved in organizing a union will host a conference and reception for graduate employee unions from five other campuses on Friday, Feb. 25. Graduate employee union members from the universities of Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Michigan State, and Wisconsin are travelling to Minnesota to support the GradTRAC/UE Local 1105 union campaign, compare notes, and discuss their accomplishments and future plans."
AP: UMass-Amherst sees fall in full-time teaching positions "The 19-percent decline in tenured and tenure-track faculty at UMass-Amherst has damaged educational quality and threatens the university's reputation, say faculty union leaders, who launched a campaign last week to educate the public about the changes. 'We have to begin to recognize what's happening, and what it does to our ability to serve students,' UMass-Amherst sociology professor Dan Clawson, the president of the campus professors' union, told trustees at their quarterly meeting last week"
Green Day sells out, grad students lose out "Tickets for Green Day may have sold out in seven hours but there were some students who never had the chance to buy tickets Monday. Graduate students were not allowed to purchase student tickets because according to Jason Kupperman, the Student Association’s vice president for University programming, they do not pay the fees associated with the University Programming Board. But the graduate students were not happy with this decision. Kupperman said he received about 20 complaints during ticket sales and also received about 10 e-mails from graduate students complaining about not being able to purchase tickets."
Grad-assistant cuts could hit $1.5 million "Western Michigan University is planning to cut the budget for graduate student assistants, possibly as much as $1.5 million, limiting the number of new appointments next year."

Monday, February 21, 2005

Activists Push Yale On Drilling "Yale University is being criticized for its connection to a company that wants to drill for natural gas on the outskirts of Calgary, Canada - a project that environmentalists claim could expose hundreds of thousands of people to poisonous hydrogen sulfide gas.... Ben Begleiter, a research analyst for Yale's graduate student union, uncovered Yale's link to Compton through the university's tax forms and other public records."
Iowa: Universty, grad students agree on contract "Under terms of the contract, graduate employees will receive a 1.5 percent across-the-board salary increase in each year of the contract. In addition, tuition scholarships will rise from $750 a semester for nine credit hours to $1,075 a semester in the contract's first year and $1,478.50 in the second year. 'It's a really good package,' said Chris Burgess, campus chief steward for COGS. The plan relies on regents keeping their promise to minimize tuition increases. 'Without a full tuition scholarship, graduate employees are still vulnerable to tuition increases, which can cut into take-home pay.'"
The Chronicle of Higher Ed: Arbitrator Rules Against U. of California in Pay Dispute With Clerical Workers "A state-appointed arbitrator has sided with 16,000 clerical workers in a wage dispute with the University of California. In a report made public on Thursday, the arbitrator, Gerald R. McKay, found 'fundamental flaws' in the university's stated reasons for refusing to grant a raise in 2003 to the mostly lower-wage workers."

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Brandeis students giving immigrant workers a voice "Brandeis University students packed a room to listen to three of the people who clean their classrooms and dormitories..... Francisca Escobar, 38, left El Salvador a week after her brother was killed in the aftermath of the country's 12-year civil war. Lidia Alonzo, 35, fled to the United States from an abusive relationship in her native Guatemala. Jose Jimenez, 42, decided to look for work in North America after realizing that what he earned in El Salvador wouldn't be enough to both repay a loan he'd taken out and support his family. The three addressed about 100 Brandeis students in Spanish last week as two volunteers translated."
UCLA: Labor teach-in focuses on action "When about 200 students began shouting 'Si, se puede! Si, se puede!' in unison Tuesday afternoon, one could have mistaken Ackerman Grand Ballroom for a union hall. But the students from UCLA, local community colleges and high schools weren't about to go on strike, and were instead part of the first Student/Labor Action Teach-In organized by the UCLA Labor Center and the undergraduate student government's general representatives. "
Minnesota Daily : Union would be good for RAs, too "When I opened the paper Friday I was glad to finally see an article about the graduate employee unionization drive. Undoubtedly, the fact that graduate students are organizing at the University for living wages and affordable health care, among other things, is big news. The University is the only Big Ten university where graduate employees with a right to organize have yet to do so. It shows."
Washington: Group of professors pushes for union "Professors from Western Washington University (WWU) may soon become one of the first four-year universities in the state to unionize, and according to the UW chapter of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP), the UW may follow suit. Faculty unionization became possible in 2002 when the Washington State Legislature passed a law allowing collective bargaining by faculty at public four-year universities and colleges. In June 2004, Central Washington University became the first of Washington's public universities to take advantage of the bill and decide on union representation for faculty members."

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Union argues against UMass international fees "The University of Massachusetts Graduate Employee Organization (GEO) presented arguments to the UMass Board Of Trustees Wednesday morning, hoping to persuade the Board to eliminate fees charged to international students who attend UMass campuses, except the Amherst campus." - Yale students protest treatment of women - Feb 18, 2005 "More than 100 Yale University graduate students marched to the president's office Thursday to protest what they said is inequitable treatment of women at the Ivy League university. The students, many of whom are trying to form a union, claim that women are discouraged from getting top tenured positions. They want Yale to release the names of job candidates to help show whether the university is considering women fairly."
Arbiter says UC clerical workers underpaid / Denial of raises to 14,500 called unjustified -- fact-finder suggests retroactive increases "In a report made public Thursday, professional arbitrator Gerald McKay...found that the 14,500 clerical workers in the UC system are significantly underpaid in light of comparable jobs elsewhere, including the California State University system."

Friday, February 18, 2005

University of Oregon: Students protest hate, discrimination "About 30 people occupied the steps of the building, which houses the offices of University President Dave Frohnmayer and other officials, holding signs condemning the administration's lack of involvement in the recent controversy over what they called hate speech printed in the Oregon Commentator."

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Yale students to protest treatment of women "More than 100 Yale University graduate students marched to the president's office Thursday to protest what they said is inequitable treatment of women at the Ivy League university. The students, many of whom are trying to form a union, criticized President Richard Levin for not joining the presidents of Stanford, Princeton and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in denouncing comments made last month by Harvard President Larry Summers."
Facing possible cuts, Western Michigan grad students mull union "'The consensus of students is that we don't necessarily want to unionize. That's not necessarily the course we want to take. However, we feel like we're being left with no option,' said Todd Ide, chairman of the Graduate Student Advisory Committee."
Yale: TA strikes could hit three Ivies "GESO leaders currently are attempting to garner support for a strike among graduate students, but an official declaration of a strike would require a majority vote by the group's members. Groups similar to GESO at Columbia University and the University of Pennsylvania also are stepping up plans for possible strikes, and organizers said a TA strike at Yale would provide an impetus for strikes this spring at the two schools."
The Chronicle: Florida Court Orders Restoration of Collective-Bargaining Rights to Faculty and Employee Unions "Two years after the State of Florida dropped its contracts with the leading faculty and employee unions at its public universities, a state appellate court has ruled that the state had no right to discontinue its obligations to the unions. When the Florida Legislature scrapped the statewide Board of Regents in 2001 and turned that body's authority over to separate boards of trustees at the universities, it used the reshuffling as an excuse to discard longstanding union contracts negotiated under the old university governance system."
American Indian Movement of Colorado: Defend Ward Churchill and Academic Freedom Petition "We, the undersigned, vigorously oppose the efforts to fire, or otherwise remove, Professor Ward Churchill from the faculty of the University of Colorado....The media-driven frenzy to purge Churchill possesses all the hallmarks of a new McCarthyism, and represents a dangerous trend of intellectual intolerance across the nation and in the academy."
"Hey, I don't know if anyone heard already, but the Organization of American Historians (OAH) has agreed to move its conference from the hotel where a labor dispute is raging. Just a bit of good news for labor... Pete"
"Hey, I don't know if anyone heard already, but the Organization of American Historians (OAH) has agreed to move its conference from the hotel where a labor dispute is raging. Just a bit of good news for labor... Pete"

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Columbia Spectator Online: Is Your PhD Worth the Work? "The prospects are grim for students considering PhDs. Almost two-thirds of history PhDs in 2004 could not find permanent employment, according to the American Historical Association, and those who earn doctorates in other humanities departments face similarly daunting numbers. But for those committed to their field, the slim odds of becoming a tenured professor do not deter them."
Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts: MCLA faculty, students march for peace "A new anti-war student group made its first public appearance on Tuesday with a small protest march from Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts campus to the center of Main Street."
British Columbia: Labor Minister may intervene in labor dispute "Labour Minister Graham Bruce says the government might be willing to step in to help resolve a dispute at several B.C. colleges. Rotating strikes by the B.C. Government and Service Employees' Union (BCGEU) across the province over the past month have disrupted classes and put students behind in their studies."
The Chronicle of Higher Ed: Suicide Hot Line for Graduate Students Ends Its Religious Affiliation "A suicide-prevention hot line for graduate students is cutting its ties with the evangelical organization that established it so that more colleges may be willing to promote the service."
The Futures Project :: States’ Efforts to Privatize Higher Education and Respond to Market Trends Threaten a New Crisis for Public Higher Education "While recent headlines about public higher education have highlighted budget cuts and tuition increases, a new report warns these issues are only painful symptoms of a far deeper crisis that threatens to damage the ability of America’s public colleges and universities to serve students and the public effectively."
Michigan State: Union sends valentines, red roses to President petitioning for better contract "Bearing a bundle of arrows, red roses and a bag of valentines, Cupid descended on the Administration Building on Monday."
Political Affairs Magazine - Trade Unionists Build Solidarity with Iraqi Workers "The Iraqis were asked about obstacles to organizing and emphasized the lack of a labour code, protection of union rights in the constitution, and other issues. Attacks by the 'resistance' were also mentioned. Workers are prevented from attending union meetings and even going to work because of these attacks. Extremely high unemployment is also a key issue. "

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Temple Professors’ Union Reaches Tentative Agreement "Temple University and its professors’ union have reached a tentative agreement on a four-year contract. Under the agreement, Temple’s faculty pay package would increase by 15-point-22 percent over four years. In addition, benefits would be available for domestic partners, the sabbatical program would expand, and pension benefits would be added for non-tenure track faculty such as lecturers." - Seeking recognition, Yale graduate union considers strike "The Yale campus is abuzz with the looming threat of a possible strike by the Graduate Employees and Students Organization. The group, similar to Penn's Graduate Employees Together-University of Pennsylvania, is considering a teaching-assistant strike in the hope of forcing University officials to award them union status."
College Art Association Proposed Resolution "BE IT RESOLVED, that the College Art Association states publicly that 1) we deplore the decision of the NLRB in this matter, which affects the academic workplaces where our members are employed, 2) we affirm our support for the collective bargaining rights of graduate student teaching and research assistants, in art history, the visual arts, and in other disciplines, and 3) we urge university administrators to be neutral toward graduate employees' decision to unionize, and to voluntarily recognize those that show majority support. Submitted by: Robert S. Slifkin, Yale University CAA Member" Members can vote by proxy here.
State of Washington 59th Legislature, 2005 Regular Session: SENATE BILL 5871 "BE IT ENACTED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF WASHINGTON: A new section is added to chapter 28B.50 RCW to read as follows: (1) Each community and technical college shall have only one salary schedule for all faculty. (2) Each community and technical college shall have only one increment or step increase schedule for all faculty. (3) Upon hiring, faculty must be placed on the appropriate step in the salary schedule, based upon degree, experience, and other pertinent factors."
The Chronicle of Higher Ed: India's Supreme Court Shuts Down 108 Private Universities in Ruling Against a State Law "India's Supreme Court on Thursday quashed a provision of a state law that allowed the establishment of private universities in the State of Chhattisgarh, in central India. The court called the provision 'unconstitutional' and said that the registrations of all 108 private universities in the state were canceled, rendering them null and void. Some 20,000 students are enrolled in the institutions."

Monday, February 14, 2005

Ohio: Owens staff votes for union "Citing concerns over job security and outsourcing, support staff workers at Owens Community College's Perrysburg Township campus voted Tuesday to establish a new bargaining unit [sic -- bargaining agent]. The unit [sic -- union], which would be [sic -- is]affiliated with the Ohio Federation of Teachers union, would consist [sic -- consists]of about 80 secretaries, custodians, groundskeepers, maintenance journeymen, cashiers, and clerks."
More Help for Part-Timers "By an overwhelming margin, the delegates endorsed a proposal from the MLA's Radical Caucus that would require the association to invest time and some financial resources in efforts to 'reestablish basic labor rights for graduate employees and other term workers' -- adjuncts and other part-time instructors."
The New York Times: New Web Site for Academics Roils Education Journalism "Mr. Jaschik and Mr. Lederman, along with Kathlene Collins, who worked at The Chronicle for 20 years, introduced last month an online publication, In doing so, Mr. Jaschik and Mr. Lederman, who are both editors, and Ms. Collins, who is the publisher, are trying to become the first significant competition in higher education publishing since the intellectual-if-gossipy Lingua Franca folded in 2001."
BCGEU: Strike moves to Northern Lights College on Tuesday "Northern Lights College will face rotating strike action on Tuesday to press union demands for a fair wage settlement, the B.C. Government and Service Employees’ Union (BCGEU) announced today."
The Michigan: GEO wants 'U' to protect rights of transgendered "GEO promoted its nondiscrimination clause during negotiations with the University at Friday’s bargaining meeting requesting that the University change its bylaws to shield transgender individuals from discrimination and also add anti-discrimination language in its new contract."

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Dave Lindorff: What Academic Freedom? "Clearly, a person who has no job security has no freedom of expression. Such professors and adjuncts are no better off than the worker in a Wal-Mart or a General Electric factory--which means they have no more freedom of speech than a 12th century serf. They speak out at their own risk. If any adjunct or contract-hire teachers spoke out politically the way Churchill did and roused the wrath of the unwashed masses and the loofahed and lathered Bill O'Reilly, they'd be gone in a flash--if not the next day, then certainly at the end of the term."
Canada: Rotating Job Action Explained "Almost every school day, support staff pickets close at least one of six colleges as part of the BCGEU's alternating strike. Thompson claimed that the possibility of back-to-work legislation always hovers over public-sector labour disputes in B.C. 'The government has said that they'll legislate anyone back to work who causes the slightest disruption to its operations,' Thompson said. 'I mean, they legislated students, the [teachers' assistants] back to work here at UBC. So when you're willing to pass a law in the legislature to put graduate students back to work so they can mark exams at Christmas time, you're going to legislate anybody.'"
Minnesota Daily : Teaching assistants help students, professors "'Being a TA takes a considerable amount of patience and understanding,' Moussa said. 'I am not sure I’d be able to do it, but I appreciate those who can.'"
Yale: GESO mulls over TA strike "Members of the Graduate Employees and Students Organization are considering a strike to pressure University administrators to recognize the group as a union, GESO chair Mary Reynolds GRD '07 said Thursday."
Students march across EMU to push affirmative action "With Arctic-like winds whipping across campus, nearly 200 Eastern Michigan University students and their backers marched in support of affirmative action Thursday afternoon. Wearing heavy coats and tightly wrapped scarves, they wound their way through campus singing chants and carrying placards before gathering for a rally on the north side of campus."
AP: Ohio Mulls Academic 'Bill of Rights' "Professors would have to include diverse opinions in classrooms under legislation being pushed in Ohio and several other states by conservatives who fear too many professors indoctrinate young minds with liberal propaganda. Such measures have had little success getting approval in the other states."

Friday, February 11, 2005

Take Action: Hold Wal-Mart Accountable "Your help is urgently needed. Wal-Mart announced Feb. 9 it will shut down the Canadian store where workers had formed a union six months earlier to have a voice on the job."

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Huntington, West Virginia: Professors petition for equal salary rights "Concerned faculty and the Marshall University American Federation of Teachers are sponsoring a petition drive to help pass a bill that would increase returning teachers' salaries. The petition drive involves the 1984 Annual Experience Increment which created a 'years of service salary increment for all state employees except higher education faculty members,' according to a written copy of the petition."

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Urgent. Act Now. Please Forward. On Monday, 14 Feb., the OAH will be making its decision over whether or not to honor the UNITE HERE Local 2 boycott of the San Francisco Hilton. They have not yet committed to moving the meeting to an alternate location in nearby San Jose. They have told us they will make their decision based on the amount of pressure they feel to move it. Even if you are not currently a member of the OAH, call the OAH President James Horton (202-994-7489), OAH President-Elect Vicki Ruiz (949-224-9313) and the OAH Executive Director Lee Formwalt (812-855-7311) right now and tell them they should move the meeting. Points to make: - We already have a union preference for choice of hotels and this carries an implied commitment to the cause of labor. - We have done this once before in the case of the Adam’s Mark Hotel in St. Louis in the year 2000. We moved the meeting to put pressure on the hotel to settle an NAACP lawsuit for discrimination. - The more business that comes to these hotels during the boycott, the less incentive employers like Hilton have to settle with their workers. - The hotel has dealt unfairly with their union, including locking them out for 5 weeks, attempting to increase the co-pay on their insurance by 1000%, and stonewalling any efforts at constructive dialogue. - The situation is very unstable. If the situation in San Francisco continues to deteriorate, the OAH meeting may be disrupted. - Moving the meeting to San Jose will still allow the OAH to have a successful meeting and attendees will not have to change their plane tickets. Please email me to let me know that you have placed a phonecall. Jay Driskell ( )
UCLA: On-campus event decries war, includes speakers, performances "Groups opposed to the Bush administration's policies abroad and at home held an 'Hour of Resistance' at Bruin Plaza on Tuesday in an attempt to rekindle the flame of student activism against the war. " >Thousands attend speech by embattled Colorado professor "Churchill spoke for 35 minutes and was interrupted several times by applause, never by protest. Most of his speech centered on United State's foreign policy, and the history of domestic policy toward American Indians."
York U: Silent protest still speaks volumes "An independent group of students protested in silence on Wednesday in Vari Hall against what they see as lack of free speech on campus, but with regard to the fact that there were classes going on around them."
Oregon: Blue Mountain college faculty might strike "Faculty members at Blue Mountain Community College in Pendleton said that they are prepared to strike if administrators implement their own labor-contract offer. Talks broke down last week, and on Monday, the college declared an impasse."

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Students protest fate of a 2nd CU professor "About 30 University of Colorado students protested CU's decision not to renew the contract of environmental studies instructor Adrienne Anderson, alleging the school dismissed her because she spoke out and investigated corporate interests that fund the university."
Strike looms at McMaster University "Teaching assistants (TAs) at McMaster University, represented by the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), are set to begin a strike later this month over excessive workloads and rising tuition, if an agreement cannot be reached."

Monday, February 07, 2005

BCGEU: Kwantlen University College facing strike action ..... "Rotating strikes will move to Kwantlen University College campuses on Tuesday to support union demands for a fair wage settlement, the B.C. Government and Service Employees’ Union announced today."
Virginia: Sexual harassment in the classroom "Graduate students, for example...their research and future letters of recommendation by making accusations of harassment, said Claire Kaplan, University sexual assault education coordinator. Ethan Sribnick, president of the Graduate Labor Union at the University, said the key to avoiding conflicts is creating institutionalized systems and procedures to handle such situations."
The Michigan Daily -- 114 Years of Editorial Freedom - LEO to hold informational picket "Lecturers will stage an informational picket later this month in response to the University’s failure to comply with a deadline the lecturers’ union requested, said Bonnie Halloran, president of the Lecturers’ Employee Organization. The Ann Arbor Campus Council of LEO met Friday and confirmed that they would take action on Feb. 22 by passing out informational fliers to students and passersby outside of University buildings. Most details of the picket have yet to be decided, Halloran said."
Chronicle Careers: 02/07/2005 "One in three academic institutions have parental-leave policies that violate federal antidiscrimination law, according to a recent study by Saranna R. Thornton, a professor of economics at Hampden-Sydney College, in Virginia. Either the policies treat pregnant women worse than others, typically by imposing conditions not imposed on other temporarily disabled workers, or else they treat pregnant women better, typically by giving mothers, but not fathers, time off after the arrival of a child. Both approaches violate the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, which requires employers to treat pregnant women 'the same' as everyone else."

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Faculty decry hirings at GCC "The college, funded in part by taxpayers, is under fire from its own faculty, which contends administrative posts at the school, some newly created, have been filled through a pattern of patronage hires."
Eastern Oregon professors seek state board's help on labor talks "About 30 Eastern Oregon University professors and supporters marched and shouted outside a meeting of the State Board of Higher Education on Friday, then asked the board for help in reaching a settlement in contract talks between their union and the EOU administration."
Daily Freeman - News - 02/05/2005 - Pay for adjuncts is divisive issue at SUNY New Paltz "NEW PALTZ - Part-time adjunct professors at SUNY New Paltz say their efforts to be paid more are being met with resistance by both school administrators and their own union, which argues the money would be better spent hiring more full-time, tenured faculty."
Article on Lecturers' Union at the University of Michigan "In this article, we look at the situation of nontenure-track faculty where we teach, the University of Michigan. We explain why the university's approximately 1,500 nontenuretrack faculty formed a union, the Lecturers' Employee Organization (LEO), MFT&SRP/AFT, AFL-CIO, and briefly outline what we achieved in our first collective agreement, ratified in June 2004. We argue, first, that the conditions under which nontenure-track faculty typically work are problematic-not only for those who do the work, but for the university and society-and, second, that the best way to respond to these problems is to organize inclusive, democratic unions."
TAs’ coalition zeros in on health care "The Graduate Teaching and Research Assistants Coalition United Electrical Local 1105 formed nine months ago and said it hopes to make a bid for unionization to the state’s Bureau of Mediation Services this month. The coalition officials said they would not reveal how many members it has, as part of their strategy to become an official union."

Saturday, February 05, 2005

The New York Times > AP > National > Union, U.C. Students Fume Over Bonuses "BERKELEY, Calif. (AP) -- The cash-strapped University of California handed out $2.4 million in bonuses to administrators at its five medical schools, angering campus workers and students."

Thursday, February 03, 2005 - Education - New UMass Protest Limits Criticized "AMHERST, Mass. -- New protest guidelines added to the University of Massachusetts code of student conduct are being criticized as unconstitutional because they limit the rights to speak, assemble and peacefully protest. The university administration on Tuesday amended the student code of conduct to make loud and disruptive protests inside campus buildings punishable by expulsion. 'Campus buildings are for university business. Any form of demonstration that interferes with university business in office or classroom spaces is a violation of this code,' the new rules read."
Ka Leo O Hawaii - Bill to protect protesters' rights "Imagine spending nine hours in a room the size of a walk-in closet. That was exactly what George Washington University senior Beth Pellettieri faced after being arrested in her student center for protesting the treatment of university workers last spring."

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The Animal rights activists hold protest outside researcher's home "SALT LAKE CITY (AP) - About two dozen opponents of primate research held a protest outside the home of University of Utah researcher Allesandra Angelucci on Sunday night. Jeremy Beckham, a sophomore at the university and leader of the Utah Primate Freedom Project, said the protest was intended to press the university officials to open up a public forum about the research."
The Michigan: GEO pushes contract extension "On the eve of the Graduate Employees’ Organization contract expiring, the union will vote on extending its contract with the University to allow for more negotiating time on unsettled matters. Three years after its last battle, the organization is again sparring with the University over the rights and benefits of graduate student instructors as stipulated in its union contract."

The Coalition of Graduate Employee Unions is a loose-knit coalition of labor unions in the USA and Canada that represents graduate students employed as teachers, researchers, and administrative staff.