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Friday, March 04, 2005

NLRB Press Release R-2555: NLRB Adopts Alternative Procedure in Representation Cases "The National Labor Relations Board has revised its rules to create, effective March 1, 2005, a new representation case procedure: the “Full Consent Election” Agreement. Under the new procedure, parties can agree that disputed pre-election and post-election issues will be resolved with finality by a Regional Director with no appeal to the Board."
What effect is this going to have?
In recent years, many of the biggest organizing wins in the private sector have been achieved through non-NLRB recognition processes negotiated between the union and the employers. Unions have worked hard to explain how the NLRB no longer effectively protects the rights of workers to organize. With this policy change, employers will be able to argue that they have agreed to a fair process with the union while still taking advantage of the anti-organizing Board law. I believe it is designed to make it harder for unions to garner public support in their campaigns to compel employers to negotiatiate fair organizing agreements.
We must sew the seeds of solidarity until they are forced to recognize what has grown - full-fledged wall-to-wall resistance.
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