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Monday, April 25, 2005

Brinkley Blacklist Memo at Columbia Below is a link to a leaked memo from Alan Brinkley, Provost of Columbia, detailing threats and punitive actions to be taken against graduate assistants on strike. Brinkley sent this memo to department chairs and deans and it was published online by The Nation. Ironically, Alan Brinkley is a well known liberal historian who has written about the New Deal. His, The Farewell to Reform: New Deal liberalism in recession and war, was published by Verso in 1996. Brinkley can be contacted at: E-Mail: Telephone: (212) 854-2403

Alan Brinkley 622 Fayerweather Department of History Columbia University 1180 Amsterdam Ave, MC 2527 New York, NY 10027

Below is also a link to an article by Jennifer Washburn in the most recent edition of The Nation about the memo and the recent strikes. Brinkley's memo: The Article:
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